Making an aluminum or steel mold can take weeks to months. CNC machine tooling is a precision science that will determine how well your final plastic parts will come out. Whether you’re milling, drilling, boring, or turning, making a your mold well is your first priority.

Our custom mold making department specializes in wire or spark EDM processes and Sinker EDM Machining. This gives us the ability to produce molds that are much more intricate and complex than standard machining processes.

That said, you may not need a metal mold. You may only need high temperature thermoplastics, such as PPS (Ryton, Fortron), PAI (Torlon), Amodel (PPA), LCP (Xydar, Vectra), PEEK (Victrex), PEI (Ultem), and PS (Radel, Udel). Molds made from thermoplastics have different properties so the production times can be different.