The manufacture of plastic products should be originated from the developing and design of plastic mold. As a basic mold for manufacturing plastic product, the precision of mold has direct influence on integrity of structure and precision of dimension. The manufacturing of all plastic products should pass through links including design and manufacturing of plastic mold, injection molding and surface treatment. Precise mold is technology and capital intensive product for its complicated structure and high requirements for surface quality and technical standard. The manufacture needs high speed machining, superfinishing, rapid prototyping, automation and polymer materials processing and other technologies, involving machinery, metal materials, polymer materials, chemical materials, electronic and electrical, automation control and other fields, have high requirements for technology synthesis. 

With industrial structure updating gradually, the proportion of high-end products is also growing gradually. Basic supporting service function is improved constantly. Plastic products still have huge value space although the growth rate is slowing down. Output value can maintain its high growth rate. So, plastic processing industry is still in ascent stage. 

Mold industry is the base of national economy, involved in machinery, auto, light industry, electronic, chemical industry, metallurgy and construction, having wide application range. Chinese industry is developing rapidly. Due to auto manufacturing, IT manufacturing and medical instruments developing, the whole mold industry ushers the opportunity of development. 

At present, China is in transformation period of industrial structure. National goal programming for emerging industries is: by 2020, added value of strategic emerging industries should account for about 15% of gross domestic product (GDP). To realize the proportion of 15%, in seven strategic emerging industries, high-end equipment manufacturing will be highly developed, as the future pillar industry of national economy. As the mother of modern industry, mold industry will benefit from the development of high-end equipment manufacturing. 

However, industry barriers still exist in mold industry.

1. Size barrier
A comprehensive mold manufacturer requires large numbers of machinery and equipment, instruments, importing specialized technical personnel. Capitals are also needed. The requirements for capital make other enterprises step higher threshold when entering into mold industry. Meanwhile, service object of precise mold manufacturers is mainly large enterprises. The large enterprises should have large business scale. So, as a key link of supply chain, mold enterprises must have larger scale of production. Only realizing scale expansion of production can effectively reduce procurement cost and production cost. 

2. Technology barrier
Mold industry requires higher technical strength, from 3D design of products to mold manufacturing, injection molding, assembling and surface treatment. The processes are quite tedious and those processes have influences on each other. So, the cooperation must be maintained. Therefore, processing technologies, quality control and production management are very important, which need to be practiced and accumulated for a long time. What’s more, for plastic products highly updating, mold manufacturers need to constantly update or improve their mold technologies, quality control and production management. 

3. Experience barrier
During manufacturing of mold, faults or errors in design, programming or operation will make mold be different from customers’ sample. Mold modification is caused. If it is more serious, the mold should be designed and manufactured again. Mold modification can raise manufacturing cost and reduce profit. Once mold remade, mold enterprise must loss orders. So, avoidance of repairing, breakage and reworking caused by men is the priority of mold enterprises. Mold manufacturers only can continuously improve production management through constant practice, setting up an effective standard of process operation, reducing times of repairing in case of remaking. It needs long term accumulation. New enterprise cannot hold it in short time. 

4. Aptitude barrier
Most of qualified customers in mold industry are home and abroad large manufacturers. The standard for affirming qualified supplier is also quite strict. Besides meeting industrial standard, the enterprises also pass through strict accreditation of suppliers. Once aptitude of qualified suppliers is affirmed, to maintain quality of products and stability of supplying, enterprises will not change supply channel of mold easily. The accreditation is based on steady customer relations formed by long term cooperation, which forming strong aptitude barrier for new entering manufacturers.

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