Metal stamping is a process in which a hole is created in the metal workpiece by using a tool named, punch. The holes can be of different sizes and shapes depending on the geometry of the punch and die. Metal stamping parts have applications in various industries such as automotive, manufacturing, electronics, medical, hand tool, furniture, electrical, and medical.

Types of Metal stamping

Metal stamping parts are broadly categorized into two types:

Flat-bed punching

In flatbed punching, the punching tool length determines the speed of output production. In other words, production depends upon the number of hits per minute. The flat-bed punching has a relatively low cost than rotary punching.

Rotary punching

In rotary punching, the production depends on the number of rotations per minute. Punching diameter determines the size of the hole. Rotary punching has high speed and provides high quality and accurate punching. Moreover, it consumes less energy, has less voice and vibration.

Examples of Metal stamping parts

Here are some examples of Metal stamping parts:

Artistic Urban Collection Punched Metal Bookends

This punched metal bookends is an L-shaped designed case which is used for the organization and decoration of books, magazines, and catalogs. It is a durable and high quality punched metal.

metal stamping parts
metal stamping parts

Filter meshed perforated metal

Filter meshed perforated metal is made of Galvanized Sheet Plate. It is a metal sheet with different types of holes for keeping different things. It is lightweight and has usage in Water Conservancy Construction, road construction, railway construction, civil building, aquaculture, filter, diversified pellet, filter, and cages.

Stainless Steel Punched Washers

Punched washers are made in Stainless steel material. These are most durable and resistant to corrosion.

Punched Metal and Wood Desk Organizer

A convenient desk organizer which is made of punched metal helps in the collection of accessories. It has a wooden base and durable steel construction. It has separate shelves for holding paperwork, envelopes, and note pads, etc.

Punched metal candle holder

Metal stamping parts are also used for the preparation of candle holder. It is constructed with Powder-coated punched metal and finishing is carried out with Punched Aubergine.

Precision sheet metal stamping wire connector

Precision Sheet Metal stamping wire connector is made up of cast iron which is used for the construction of machinery parts

Custom Metal stamping parts

Custom punching is also offered by various businesses. Sometimes customer requires specific size, shape, and pattern of holes in the punched product. The type and thickness of the material can also be altered according to customer demand. Custom Metal stamping parts are usually required in gas exploration, construction, and architecture industry.

Conclusion Metal stamping dies are constructed with the help of a punch that is pressed into the metal sheet to create holes. The resulting perforated metal parts have various applications in many industries. These are used in the things of our everyday use and also as a building block of large machinery. Custom metal parts are offered by various companies which are very beneficial for construction, architecture and other industries.