About Us

Mouldplas Marketing

MOULDPLAS is a relatively new name in the plastic mould and moulding industry established in 2009, which is developing an excellent reputation for providing a range of equipment that meets all needs, highly technical leading brands as well as good value machines that deliver exactly what they promise.

The company was established after numerous requests from packaging industry to help source affordable equipment that also embodied good quality reliability and from a long experience and knowledge of the main plastics processor and with a highly technical staff it has been possible to evaluate and select many good companies that combine good manufacturing practise, in-house development and tremendous work ethic to provide exceptionally good value machines that are engineered to do the job that they are designed for, without incorporating a lot of additional cost for design that may never be used or needed. Building on from that position, MOULDPLAS has now successfully established relationships with a range of European equipment suppliers, whose product ranges represent the latest in technology for packaging applications adding to the growing reputation that MOULDPLAS has, as being as leading supplier of packaging machinery throughout Southern Africa.

Mouldplas believes in providing strong technical support whether it is at the quotation stage by presenting detailed knowledge of the equipment being offered, knowledge of the various conversion processes or having the ability to evaluate a supplier and their products to ensure that what is offered id fully fit for purpose.

After sales support is equally of importance and trained technicians are available to assist with commissioning, routine servicing or breakdowns.

MOULDPLAS is founded on a solid platform of business ethics that will ensure its survival in the industry for many years to come.