Precision Blending – GRAVIMAX Blenders & DOSIMAX Feeders

Engineered to Be the Ultimate in Precision Blending


Removable material hopper lid c/w cover plate fits prebolted FEEDMAX series hopper loader flange.

Unique “Clip-on” corner window

Simple “clip-on” corner window provides full view for material inspection and detaches quickly for simpler, easier cleaning access compared to other designs.

Highest precision

Two independent 24 bit technology load cells provide more precise, noise-free weight signal readings than single load cell systems.

Reliable material dispensing valves

Material hoppers with normally closed integral dispensing valves for positive shut-off. The actuating mechanism of the dispensing valve is part of the center body for simple hopper handling without unpractical or unsafe hose or wire connections.

Easy handling

Two handles allow safe easy handling of material hoppers.

Easy removable

Material hoppers made entirely of wear resistant stainless steel and are equipped with self-locking toggle latches.

Ergonomic and dustproof

Simple swing door, opens via quick fastener without using tools. The door is secured by a magnet-coded safety switch.