Gas Permeability Testers

Package/Film Oxygen Permeability Tester

Package/Film Oxygen Permeability Tester is applicable in oxygen permeability test of plastic films and packaging containers of bottles and pouches in the air or in 100% oxygen.

  • 1.Characteristics
    • Compatible with GB, ISO, ASTM and various oxygen transmission rate testing standards.
    • Coulometric principle, equal pressure testing method that is more like actual production.
    • Independent 6 testing chambers, can test 6 different samples at the same time, higher efficiency.
    • Employ high accurate sensor analysis technique, test is precise and fast.
    • Double testing modes of film and container, with standard accessories and easy to replace.
    • Temperature and humidity are controlled automatically in wide range.
    • Professional software, clear testing procedure.
    • Powerful software, multiple testing modes, flexible testing method, one-click operation, high automatic.
    • The record, search, comparison and original data’s analysis are easy and fast, full procedure is clear.
    • World-wide excellent elements, stable and reliable running.
    • Continuously running when power off, free from the interference of power off.
    • With network port, supports TCP/IP, data could be shared in the local area network and the internet.
  • 2.Principle
    • High pure oxygen flows on one side of the film, high pure nitrogen flows on the other side of the film. Oxygen molecule passes the film into the nitrogen of another side, and is taken to the sensor by the flowing nitrogen. Test the transmission of oxygen by analyzing the concentration of oxygen detected by sensor. As for packaging container, nitrogen flows in the container, air or high pure oxygen covers the outside of the container.
  • 3.Technical data
    • Film test
      Test range: 0.007¡«6500 ml/m2·day(normal ) or 0.07¡«65000 ml/m2·day (optional )
    • Resolution: 0.001 ml/m2·day
    • No. of samples: 6 pieces£¨independent
    • Size of sample Ô97mm, thickness £¼1mm(thicker specimen needs customized accessories)
    • Test area: 38.48cm2
    • Temperature control range: 5¡æ¡«95¡æ£» accuracy:±0.1¡æ
    • Humidity control range: 0%RH;15%RH¡«90%RH£»accuracy:±2%RH
    • Test Condition: ambient condition (standard 23¡æ)
    • Size: 1290(L)mm×630(B)mm×400(H)mm
    • Power: AC 220V 50Hz
    • Net weight: 150kg
  • 4.Standard
    • GB/T 19789, ASTM D3985, ASTM F1307, ASTM F1927, ISO 15105-2, JIS K7126-B, YBB 00082003

PERME DM2/330 Gas Permeability Testing Instrument-plastic mould company

Gas Permeability Testing Instrument is for precise measurement of gas transmission rate, solubility coefficient, diffusion coefficient and permeability coefficient of plastic films, laminated films, high barrier material, sheets, foils and back sheets as well as bottles, pouches, jars and boxes made of plastic, rubber, paper, glass, metal and other materials. 

Gas Permeability Testing Instrument conforms to ASTM D3985, ASTM F2622, ASTM F1307, ASTM F1927, ASTM D1434, ISO 15105-1, ISO 15105-2, ISO 2556, JIS K7126-A, JIS K7126-B. 


1. Computer control;

2. Manometric pressure method and equal pressure method in one unit;

3. Three independent chamber; Constant temperature control;

4. Six results of 3 specimens by 2 methods can be accomplished simultaneously;

5. Data curve-fitting function under any temperature; Toxic and explosive gases can be expanded testable;

6. Rapid calibration with reference films; 

Technical data:

1. Equal Pressure Mode

1.1 Film Test:

Test Range:0.01 – 5000 cm³/m²•day -Routine-

Resolution: 0.001 cm³/m²•day

Test gas: oxygen and air (users provide test gas for themselves)

1.2 Package Test (Optional Purchase):

Test Range: 0.0001 – 50 cm³/pkg•day

Resolution: 0.00001 cm³/pkg•day

Numbers of Specimens: 3 pieces

Specimen body Size: 100% oxygen test: bottle body-Φ90mm, height-280mm

Open test (air): No limitation

2. Differential Pressure (Manometric) Mode:

Test Range: 0.05 – 50, 000 cm3/m2•24h•0.1MPa (Routine)

Vacuum Accuracy: 0.1 Pa

Vacuum Degree: <20 Pa

Test Gas: O2, N2 and CO2, etc. (Users provide the gas for themselves)

Test Pressure: -0.1Mpa -+0.1Mpa

3. Other Technical Indexes:

Temperature Range: 5°c -95°c

Temperature Accuracy: ±0.1°c

Test Gas Source Pressure: 0.6MPa

PERME OR2/410 Organic Gas Transmission Rate Test System

Organic Gas Transmission Rate Test System is applicable in quantitative test of organic gas transmission performances of plastic films, laminated films, sheets and finished packages, such as bottles, pouches and boxes, etc. 

Organic Gas Transmission Rate Test System could be used to evaluate and control fragrance preservation performance of packaging materials for aromatic products, such as food, beverage, cigarettes, tea and cosmetics, etc. 


1. Computer control; automatic testing process;

2. Gas chromatograph analysis technology;

3. Quantitative test of gas transmission rate and permeability coefficient;

4. Films, sheets and container packages (optional purchase) are testable.

5. Automatic specimen feeding; Multi-stage temperature control system;

6. Condensation resistance technology; Purged by high temperature warm and blow system;

RS232 interface;

Technical data:

Test Range: 0.01-40g / m2•d•100ppm

Test Gas: kinds of organic matter (as Benzene, Ester, Mellow, Ketone and Aldehyde, etc.)

Flux of Test Gas:10-40ml/min

Concentration of Test Gas:10-150ppm

Temperature Control Accuracy: ±0. 1°c