HM-MK Series

HM multicomponent series from 45 to 650 t

The HM multicomponent series is based on the standard hydraulic HM and is offered with clamping forces from 45 to 650 t.

  • highly flexible due to the choice among 6 clamping units, 11 injection units and 5 different screw diameters
  • high-performance plasticizing systems for all thermoplastic, thermoset and elastomer resins for shot weights of up to 3300 g PS (in combination with three injection units)
  • high-performance UNILOG B6 control system
  • automation with robots, pick-and-place devices and mold changing systems possible
  • multicomponent, multicolour and assembly technique injection moulding
  • features finely tuned the interaction between machine, plastic mold and automation equipment to suit each individual product

Clamping unit

The hydraulic clamp system of the HM multicomponent allows for short locking strokes, parallel movement of ejector and core pulls as well as even shorter cycle times through high-speed travel cylinders. 

Major advantages:

  • parallel clamping cylinders for fast and even clamping force build-up and distribution
  • maintenance-friendly linear guide system
  • energy-efficient hydraulics due to electrically adjustable variable delivery pumps
  • easy installation of large molds due to manual tie-bar pull-back device
  • large platens

Injection unit

The HM injection units guarantee high precision and reproducibility through their compact design with an integrated hydraulic block and a hydraulically direct-driven screw. 

Outstanding features:

  • high flexibility due to one barrel being universally compatible with different injection units
  • easy access to screw because of swivelling injection unit (up to …/ 1330)
  • momentum-free nozzle contact due to the positioning of nozzle carriage cylinders opposite each other
  • precise axial movements of the injection unit through the linear guide system
  • optimum melt homogeneity due to a uniform L/D ratio of 22:1 and 2000 bar injection pressure for medium screw diameters
  • up to 3 injection units can be operated in L-, V- or S-configuration