MicroPower series – for small, high-precision and micro injection molding

With its Microsystem 50, WITTMANN BATTENFELD was already considered as the global technology leader in micro injection molding. Now the experience of the last few years has been utilized in developing the MicroPower for today’s market demands. In terms of cost-efficiency, quality standards, and versatility, the MicroPower outperforms everything that has been offered in this field so far. Thanks to a choice of two clamping force variants, 5 and 15 t, as well as an increase in shot volume, the machine covers an extremely wide processing window, also including cost-efficient production of “larger” parts.

MicroPower injection moulding machine: cost-efficient for high-quality parts, extendable and flexible

As a basic model, the MicroPower is a simple, but extremely fast and precise all-electric injection molding machine. The generous free space around the clamping unit offers enough room even for bulky tooling. The ejector is also equipped with a servo-electric drive as standard. The molded parts can either just drop down through the ejection chute or be removed by a handling device.

In order to offer customers a significant additional benefit, the machine concept has been laid out to accommodate possible downstream manufacturing steps by easy connection of additional modules with various functions. This includes, for example, fully automatic quality monitoring or packaging of parts – either individually or in bulk. Even complex parts, such as insert-molded or multi-component parts with combinations of different materials can thus be manufactured without any problems and at low cost.

The MicroPower – unrivaled precision to be proud of.

Clamping unit

A highly dynamic servo motor and a 5-point toggle absolutely free of play provide not only perfectly symmetrical force transmission but also a highly accurate guidance system.
The MicroPower is available with either 5 t or 15 t clamping force.

The standard machine: generous free space for tooling

Essential features:

  • High rigidity and stability
  • Exact platen parallelism over the entire stroke
  • Symmetrical transmission of clamping force
  • 5-point toggle clamping unit free of play
  • Short opening and closing times
  • Sensitive mold protection system with extremely smooth-running platen guide system
  • Gentle to the mold thanks to minimized platen deflection
  • Low-maintenance, service-friendly design of all components
  • Servo-electric ejector
  • Low energy consumption

Injection unit

In conventional injection units, plugs of cold material will form at the tip of the nozzle during injection molding, that is plugs of partly cooled melt. This thermally inhomogeneous front part is pushed into the plastic mold in the course of the next injection cycle. This problem is partly responsible for fluctuations in quality and in the production process, and consequently a cause of rejects.

The injection unit of the MicroPower can be regarded as the state of the art in microsystem technology, since thanks to its special design, only thermally homogeneous melt is injected, in contrast to conventional injection units.

The highly dynamic plunger injection unit ensures firstly that even the maximum pressure can be realized in the cavity with absolute repeatability. Secondly, the injection aggregate is designed to minimize both melt cushion and gating. This ensures unrivaled parts quality with minimal flow lengths and minimal pressure loss; a wide processing window is also a given, which helps to stabilize processes quickly. Thus not only micro injection parts but even the most minute nano parts can be realized in a repeatable process in fast cycles and thus cost-efficiently.

This aggregate will process all materials suitable for injection molding up to a shot volume of 3 cm³ in all commonly available standard granulate sizes.

Optimized injection concept: with this injection concept, which is unique in the world, WITTMANN BATTENFELD has set a new quality benchmark in injection molding.

Basic features:

  • Compact, stable system
  • Optimal, two-step plunger injection and pre-plasticizing in the screw
  • 5 mm or 8 mm plunger diameter
  • 750 mm/sec injection speed
  • 3000 bar injection pressure
  • Easy, convenient access
  • Easy to clean and maintenance-friendly
  • Fast material change
  • Optimal back pressure gauging
  • Extremely fast acceleration

Peripheral equipment and optional modules

Generous space has been provided inside the machine to accommodate additional standard modules, such as the rotary disk module, a camera system, the Wittmann W8VS2 robot, or to implement customized automation solutions and thus extend the MicroPower to become a complete production cell.

The W8VS2 robot is also capable of reaching out to equipment outside the MicroPower. This provides a simple solution for connecting the machine with a special automation system or combining it with in-line downstream processing units.
Such standard or optional special modules enable easy implementation of more complex manufacturing techniques, such as insert molding, integration of additional components or elaborate functional test systems.

A clean workplace ready for individual design: standard modules such as a robot, a camera, a depositing place or customized automation solutions can be implemented without any problems. The tidy interior of the machine offers an ideal platform for clean-room applications.

The rotary disk module allows the use of a second bottom mold half.
Now parts ejection can take place parallel to injection. This substantially shortens cycle times and facilitates downstream production steps.
Of course, the use of an additional bottom mold half is not mandatory.