Decades of application experience and innovative developments have made the WITTMANN robots what they are today – the best robots for the plastics mould industry! Well planned detailed solutions and state-of-the-art components allow highest reliability, shortest cycles and long intervals between maintenance

Smart-Bus Technology

All sensors and actuators on the robot are directly wired to the intelligent control card under the robot hood. The connection to the control cabinet and the Teach Pendant is a simple Bus-cable.

  • Total flexibility in the production of injection molded parts
  • Single point programming through robot TeachBox
  • Safe investment with the ability to exchange peripheral system at any time.

Kick Stroke Beam

A large aluminum extrusion provides a stiff, vibration free foundation for the vertical arm. The reduced moveable mass allows high acceleration and deceleration for extremely short cycle times. The bearings for horizontal stroke and kick stroke are positioned in the main carriage next to each other to provide optimum stiffness and minimum vibration for high-speed operation, allowing precise insertion and removal.

Powerful Servo Drive

Servo drives are used on all3 main axes.

Z-axis (horizontal stroke)

All larger robots including the W721/W821 model are driven in the Z-axis via rack and pinion with built-in lubrication chamber for high speeds and long life operation. The rack and pinion drive guarantee precise positioning also with long strokes, avoiding the flexibility of long belts.

Rugged Steel Beam

Precision machined for perfect alignment of rails and rack.

Reduced Maintenance

As a standard the robots are equipped with linear bearings with lubrication chains. These are the latest technology bearings providing lubrication intervals up to one year! (Depending upon robot cycle and operating conditions).

C-axis (standard)

C-axis rotation for placing parts. Compact design for minimum mold opening. Pneumatically operated rack and pinion drive for high and constant torque during rotation. Robots | Article No.: BP00000010 (English) | 2009/03 Subject to change.

Additional Rotational Axes (optional)

  • A-axis wrists pneumatic 0-90 °
  • B-axis motor driven 0-270 ° rotation for removal from fixed or alternatively movable platen side and for flexible placing of parts in different orientation. Programming through teach pendant.
  • Servo A/B/C-Axes for up to six degrees of freedom.