Temperature Control

The Advantages of Wittmann Water Flow Regulators

  • EPDM O-ring seals are heat and water resistant.
  • Housings molded of reinforced polyphenylene oxide for tough industrial use.
  • Our sight tube is polyamide 12 which is superior, compared to competitor’s polycarbonate, when higher temperature water is used. Competitors charge extra for the better material. On our unit it is standard.
  • Reference marks are molded in, not painted on.
  • Enlarged water passages minimize flow restrictions, deliver increased flow volume through the plastic molds and enhance heat transfer performance. In fact, pressure drop from our regulators is about half that of competitive units. That’s an important difference if plant water pressure is low.
  • Wittmann Flow Regulators include precision, threaded brass inserts (Series 301) or brass sockets (Series 101) for your water hose connections, unlike poorly designed regulators which use leak-prone molded threads which can strip easily.
  • All units are 100% leak tested before shipping.
  • Thermometer is located directly in the water flow giving a more precise reading and a quicker reaction to changes. Competitor’s thermometers are not in the water flow path.
  • Competitor’s regulators include a large diameter valve for the main seat which means regulation is not precise. With a very small movement of the handwheel, the valve is opened almost completely. Our units have a smaller diameter seat which allows better adjustment of flow. Using brass valves and brass connections is resulting in the highest corrosion resistance.

Option: Dry-Out Valve

Allows complete clean out of regulator sight glasses.

Easier to Clean

The water flow regulators are exceptionally easy to clean. A top access cap is simply removed and a brush (provided) quickly cleans the tubes without removing them.

Easier to Remove

Individual sight tubes can be easily removed and reseated, if necessary. Precision O-rings positively seal the sight glass, absolutely leakproof even under maximum loads.