Tempro Mould Temperature Controllers

Superior Temperature Control

In pressurised operation, two gauges ensure that the internal pressure is always approx. 1 bar over the steam pressure curve.

Because of the smaller heat exchanger there is less circulating water. As a result, the preheating time and the cool down period have been reduced.

Superior TEMPRO plus D Series with the PLUS for Perfect Quality

  • Booster pump (for filling under pressure at temperatures of more than 100 °C)
  • Touch screen temperature control
  • Heat exchanger made of stainless steel (Incoloy heating element)
  • Pump and system pressure gauges
  • Maintenance free magnetically coupled pump (standard in the TEMPRO plus C 160)
  • Heating control via solid state relay

Optimum visibility and operation of the TEMPRO plus D

The actual value and set point are displayed simultaneously.

Visual temperature control The plastic mold symbol color indicates if the temperature is in the tolerance band (green: within tolerance; red: too hot; blue: too cold).

Additional information on the display
The operator can choose an additional value to be displayed on the screen (pressure, flow).

Easy operation with the TEMPRO plus D
Menus to adjust values and to choose operating modes can be selected with color touch-screen.

Quick selection
Operating modes that are used frequently can be selected using the touch fields at the bottom of the screen.

Standard equipment for the TEMPRO plus D series

  • Microprocessor controller with +/- 0,2 °C accuracy.
  • Automatic filling and constant pressure monitoring.
  • Pressure gauges (system and pump pressures).
  • Automatic pump rotation detection.
  • Maximum temperature monitoring.
  • Heater control with solid state relay.
  • Pumps safe to run dry.
  • Backflow sensor.
  • Sensor break monitoring.
  • External sensor socket for PT 100 sensors.
  • Air purging (unlimited mold purge for 140/160 units).
  • Timer (time switch).
  • Dry contact for alarm output plus audible alarm.
  • Operating hours counter with service interval indicator.
  • Options: Ultrasonic flow measurement
  • Communications interfaces
  • Mold sensor FeCo (Type J) socket