TM Series

TM series – toggle injection molding machines from 180 to 500 t

The Battenfeld TM offers efficient production possibilities for a wide variety of applications:

  • highly flexible due to the choice among 6 clamping units, 11 injection units and 15 different screw diameters
  • sturdy 5-point toggle design for optimized closing forces and distribution as well as very precise platen movement
  • high-performance plasticizing systems for all thermoplastic, thermoset and elastomer resins for shot weights of up to 5000 g PS
  • high-performance UNILOG B6 control system
  • automation with robots, pick-and-place devices and mold changing systems possible

Clamping unit

The 5-point toggle clamping unit offers fast movements and high precision. It features robust platen support, cast platens and central lubrication for long service life and reduced maintenance work. 

Major advantages:

  • high opening and closing strokes
  • short dry cycle times
  • minimized platen deflection
  • quick mold change
  • sensitive low-pressure mold protection
  • highly reproducibility of all parameters

Injection unit

The TM injection units guarantee high precision and reproducibility through their compact design with an integrated hydraulic block and a hydraulically direct-driven screw. 

Outstanding features:

  • high flexibility due to one barrel being universally compatible with different injection units
  • easy access to screw because of swivelling injection unit (up to …/ 1330)
  • momentum-free nozzle contact due to positioning of nozzle carriage cylinders opposite each other
  • precise axial movements of the injection unit through linear guide system
  • optimum melt homogeneity due to a uniform L/D ratio of 22:1 and 2000 bar injection pressure for medium screw diameters